Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have posted this little jumpsuit to my Etsy site!

I love that all materials (except the thread) are up-cycled and I'd be glad to make one of these to order if you have a special workshirt that you want to turn into a jumper or jumpsuit for someone special.

Just message me!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Ty's first alpaca show

We have been sleuthing here at House of Kitten and we finally figured out where the pics from last year's alpaca show were.

You may recall the other day I was having trouble finding them.We'd searched the memory cards from our cameras and archives from our phones and came up empty handed.

We were sure we had taken pictures of Ty at his first alpaca show last year. There's no chance we would let a moment that special go by without recording it for posterity.

Then we realized--we have a third memory card. Probably hiding somewhere in Uncle Floyd's desk! So I sought it and found the pictures.

These are them:

We might've taken more if you could tell at all that the baby and the alpacas are in the same place.

Eh, guess you'll have to take our word for it.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

MoPaca mo problems

We hit up the American Royal's Alpaca Convention today.

It was Ty's second trip to the annual convention. We took him last year when he was just a couple of weeks old. I remember calling the pediatrician's office to make sure it was okay for me to take him. I wonder if that's one of the odder new parent questions they have gotten. Anyway, they said yes and we had a great time. I could've sworn we had pics from last year but they are nowhere to be found.

But we do have pics from today!

Ty got to do more interacting with the alpacas than he did last year, although last year the alpacas were really into him and watched him closely whenever he came near. Here he is below while he watched judges take a close look at a group of alpacas.

I love his expression. It's like, "Um, what exactly am I doing here?"

And then he returned to checking them out:

Yup! That's our little guy--already showing a deep appreciation for the wonderfulness of the alpaca!
From there, we walked around to say hello to these beauties.

Hello, gorgeous!

I didn't buy any knitting wool this visit--my favorite alpaca guy wasn't there-- but we still brought home some awesome souvenirs!  We bought Ty a little sweater with a fair isle alpaca pattern and an alpaca finger puppet that he tried to eat.

I bought these Peruvian boots that are totally comfortable and also super bright. I wore them all afternoon while we went out to buy our spring garden seeds. Then I wore them while I worked in the garden and planted our seed potato. So excited! I grinned the whole way home--excited like a little kid. 

On other craft notes--posting some pics of the hand-quilting I'm working on to finish this quilt. The pieces came to as unfinished squares of uncertain, yet family origin. I've been slowly quilting my way through it all year. I actually got started on New Year's Day, so how's that for keeping a careful record!

I am knitting some booties with the last of my fantastic alpaca wool. I will post pics soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Not that long ago

I've just downloaded all of my pics and videos off of a memory card and the computer listed these by date under the subhead: A long time ago.

It wasn't all that long ago. 

Hope you enjoy these.

Pretty pillowcases

Oh my gosh!

I have a new computer with a brand-new screen that doesn't blink in and out when I'm working on my blog posts. It feels so unfamiliar to me.

Do you remember long ago I posted about using waste canvas to cross-stitch johnny jump-ups on fabric so I could sew pillowcases?

I have pics of how they finally turned out!

I tried to take a few pics so you could see all of the details. I love them! I gave them to dear friends of mine as a wedding gift and they told me that they will cherish them for their handmade details. Yay!

I decided to make a new set of zinnias with citrus colors. Reminds me of the flowers that Adam and I had in our engagement photos:

 Who is this darling little bumblebee that snuck in my blog post?

Anyway, I finished the first pillowcase and am finalizing the second. More pics soon! It's such a fun and easy project. You should totally try it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Our headliner

 We celebrated our little guy's first birthday over the weekend.

I had big plans to post pics of my progress on embroidered pillowcases, but I've already been accused once today of burying the lede, so let's start with the good stuff.

He was the happiest trooper at his party, even though he hadn't felt great earlier. He really perked up and gave us lots of smiles. 
I embroidered the bicycle on his sunsuit and sewed it together using a pattern that was used to make Adam an outfit when he was little.

It was the greatest day!

Now who is still at all interested in pillowcases cross-stitched using waste canvas?

Well, just in case: 

You know I'm into sustainability, right? Well, I think I have stumbled on the most genius sustainability project of my sewing career thus far. I made the sunsuit below as a practice run on the birthday outfit for my little guy's birthday (it was a fail--too small). But I used an old workshirt of my husband's, cutting it down and re-using different pieces from it to make the outfit--even the buttons are repurposed.


So I'm thinking this could be my thing. It's a way to make something darling out of a shirt that has been lost to busted elbows. I could also amend the pattern to make little dresses. Anyway, super enthused about the potential. And it gives me one less excuse to acquire fabric. Pretty important as I Marie Kondo my way through the sewing room.

Check in with you later, dudes. 

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Here I am, friends

Hello there, Internet.

You may have been wondering where I am, but I've been here all along. Maybe not posting to my blog, which has been looking pretty neglected these past few months, but I've done a great deal of Googling queries like these:

Taylor Swift songs for handbells
How to direct a handbell choir (not that hard, says the Internet)
Home remedies for quilting injuries
When will the cat start to love the baby? (maybe never)
Starbucks latte K-Cups (they don't exist)
Taza (because I'm too lazy to type in LoveTaza.com)

I have nearly one million updates and not a clue where to begin. So I'll begin with the cathedral squares:

We have made great progress on this project, which I started nearly three years ago. I say "we" because it's not just me working on finishing it. I've had wonderful help from dear friends and family to pick up the pace and get it finished. It will be given to a wonderful friend of mine and I'm excited to say that there's just a bit left to go. I dare say that March is a realistic goal.

 Oh look! There's Kitten!

And more Kitten! The fabrics in this quilt are more varied than before because my friends shared their scraps with me. It's so much better this way!

We even had an old fashioned quilting bee in October, which was more fun that I imagined it could be. I would definitely suggest trying it out.

I have other project pictures to post:
Bicycle embroidery using waste canvas
Toddler mittens
Infant mittens
Lemon sweetrolls
New sewing table arrangement
Quilting progress on decades old and forgotten quilt pieces (Robert Kauffman Betty Dear! backing fabric--it's so gorgeous)
Receiving blankets!
The list could go on.

But let's be honest here--most of the pictures I take these days look like this:

So maybe you won't mind if I just post these? And you'll excuse me for my recent and dreadful waste canvas entry that posted twice from my phone?

Maybe just one more? (Or a few?)

And I'll be back soon! Because you must see this vintage quilt I'm working on! And maybe a dozen more photos of my Love Bug?

See you later, friends!